From 6th to 7th of June (2019) sport event “Disabled Youth Sports Games – from segregation to integration” was organized by Lithuanian Sports University. The sport event implemented the three main goals: 1) the organization of the sport games for the young disabled and abled-bodied; 2) dissemination of the YODA project – the explanation on the main tasks of the project and outcomes of the project; 3) information for the future mentors and mentees. In the games participated these organizations: Lithuanian Federation of adapted Physical Activity, Kaunas Gediminas sports and Health Promotion Gymnasium, Special Olympics Committee Lithuania, Kaunas St. Casimir’s Gymnasium, Kaunas Recreation and Sports Club for the Disabled. During the games also was organized the meeting with disabled athletes to discuss about dual career and to motivate participate in the YODA project. As well as the interview was done with famous Lithuanian sportswoman in athletics about her career as an athlete and physical education teacher.

12th of June the conference about dual career was organised in Lithuanian Parliament. The conference was organized by four organizations – Lithuanians Parliament, Lithuanian Ministry of Education, science and sports. Lithuanian sports University and National association of Athletes. During the conference LSU Rector presented YODA project. Presentation was prepared by Lithuanian YODA team (Jurate Pozeriene, Vida Ostaseviciene and Vaida Pokvytytė). 

More information on google drive:  (this information was taken from official website of Lithuanian Parliament).

The 5th of December of 2019, the 2nd Multiplier Event of YODA was held in Kaunas Sports arena Zalgiris. The dissemination event was organized to spread the results of the project. More than 100 people participated in the event. During the event participated quests from sports federation (disabled and able-boded) as well as from Lithuanian Olympic and Paralympics committees. The event had very big interested of Lithuanian Sports university students, who are involved not only in the studies, but elite sports as well. 

The event was oriented to spread the results of the project (selected mentors shared experience about the participation sin the project).

 Pictures from the event see on google drive;

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