From 2/10/2019 to 3/10/2019 the 3rd transnational project meeting was held in Thessaloniki Greece. In this the Expert Committee explained the selected mentors-to-be how the online programme (as well as mentorship stage) will work, what is expected from mentors, answer their possible questions, etc. In addition Financial Management and short evaluation of the project was the main subjects for discussion among the Project Managers of the participant organisations.

WP6 was implemented with the coordination of AETOI. According to the project description, the application was translated by each partner in its local language. By the application, two score tables were created, one for disabled athletes and one for non-disabled. The expert committee from each country interviewed the athletes based in the questionnaire conducted by AETOI based on the Theory of Motivation. The award criteria for the final selection is 50% on the application and 50% on the interview. The first 4 candidates from each table were selected as Mentees. In some cases, there were less than 4 candidates disabled application, so more non-disabled selected as mentees. The results of the public call and the report of the expert committee was published by each partner in its webpage and in the webpage of the consortium. 

In 3rd of October it was implemented by AETOI the 5th MSE. The MSE was attended by more than 100 people with and without disabilities. Besides the participants from the partners organisations, more than 20 people from organisations from the partner countries, mainly mentors-to-be, participated in the MSE. Main speakers of the MSE were exceptional people from the sector of sport: 

  1. Patoulidou – Vice Governor of Central Macedonia Region, Gold Olympic Winner 1992,
  2. Katsaros – Member of The Hellenic Paralympic Committee, Silver Paralympic Winner 2008
  3. Mathas – Hellenic Sports Federation for Disabled Athletes.

Local TV channel (Vergina TV) was communication sponsor, the event was published in 10ths of sites, it was advertised by social media and by local TV, a lot of posters and flyers were printed and thousands of people learded about MES from the photos that were uploaded by the participants of the MSE.

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