has been designed with the intention to test a training programme for Dual-Career mentors, as well as an implementation stage of the skills developed and knowledge acquired during the mentorship period, in which athletes themselves will provide their input on the usefulness of such initiative.

Together with mentors and various experts (from different backgrounds: sports, education, coaching, psychology, etc.), the aim is to come up with a comprehensive list of features needed for any training programme to qualify mentors, as well of the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for any mentor to successfully help students-athletes manage their Dual-Careers. Given the invaluable insight gathered through the project, our input could be used as the basis for the establishment of Dual-Career support frameworks, as well as towards the creation of the figure of mentor as a recognised qualification for multidisciplinary experts on dual-career, which could work not only as athletes’ mentors, but also as consultants for public authorities, sports centres, etc.

The contents have been developed, following aims stated in EU Guidelines on Dual-Career, by the amazing group of Tutors and Experts of this project, and will be certified by University Isabel I.


To enjoy this programme as a student you have to apply for your participation in the 2019 open call. If you are selected as a Mentor-to-be, you will be able to travel to Thessaloniki with the rest of the members of the project, follow the programme, and graduate in Burgos (Spain), becoming a certified Mentor for Dual-Careers.

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