Meet the Tutors for the Training Programme & MOOC

Joao Oliveira

Footballers Lawyer (Portugal)

Mr. Oliveira is Secretary General of Portuguese Football Player´s Union and lawyer responsible for the legal department. It is also a member of the social dialogue committee of FIFPro – World Player´s Union. He specialized in labor law at the Coimbra University and dedicates his professional life to advising and representation of professional footballers in labor disputes, as well as to train athletes in the courses and educational programs of the Union.

Filippos Bogiatzoglou, MSc.

Coach (Greece)

Filippos Bogiatzoglou is a physical education teacher with specialization in athletes with special needs. His masterís degree in ìSports and Healthî is specialized in the rehabilitation of various diseases. Currently, he is working as a physical education teacher at the private school ìFryganiotisî and he is coaching the track & field and swimming teams of ìAetoi Thessalonikisî (3rd and 11th position in national metals in 2008, respectively). After a proposal of the Greek federation for disabled athletes, the Greek Ministry of Education assigned to Filippos for second year in a row to visit schools in Central Macedonia and to inform students for their opportunities through sports.

Umberto Gramazzio

Sports Science Graduate and Coach (Italy)

Ausrine Packeviciute, MSc., Ph.D.

Professor and Researcher (Lithuania)

Ausrine Packevičiūtė is adapted physical lecturer at Lithuanian Sports University. She has a master degree diploma in Adapted physical activity and is a board member of Kaunas sports and recreational club for disabled.

Lasma Saimena, BSc., MSc.

Human Resources Specialist (Latvia)Lasma Saimena is an HR and HR Development Specialist at The University of Latvia. She has Master’s Degree in International Business and  Master’s Degree  in European Human Resource Management. She is also an expert in the project project “ULISSE” – research of 21.century skills.