YODA’s Methodology offers a different and innovative teaching online process, using the web as an environment and a resource. Our virtual environment is user-friendly and easily accessible, combining various easy to use elements related to your day to day activities.

Our online platform is straightforward and flexible, and it includes all the necessary study materials to work on your subjects. You can access the platform 24/7, wherever you are and through different devices. Also, you can manage your schedule and your study time, and be part of an international study community.

Cooperationcommunication and the production of knowledge are three key pillars. Our methodology will help you to bring out new potential, talent, and skills. It also fosters the exchange of experiences and knowledge acquisition.

You will be part of an online community where shared knowledge is promoted, and will be guided at all time by extremely qualified professionals that will be part of a big education community.

Contents of the Traning Programme

Module 1: The European Higher Education Area (EHEA) Scenario for Mentoring

Module 2: What is mentorship, strategies and resources. 

Module 3: Competences and Strategies for Dual Mentoring 

Module 4: High Level Athletes

Module 5: Sportsperson with Special Needs

Module 6:  Vital Events of the Dual Athlete-Student

Module 7: Legal Aspects of the High Level Athlete

Module 8: Dual Career Programs in Europe and it participating states


The evaluation process will, at least, include a final test in which the student will find several questions for each of the modules. To finally obtain a certificate of this course, the student must complete the course and obtain a final score of 7 out of 10 on the exam.