Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Margherita Sport e Vita Basket (MSV)

Project Manager: Spartaco Greco 

For some,  sports are a form of leisure, for other, a means to improve their wellbeing. But for us, sport is the best recipe for life. We are a group of committed and creative enthusiasts of being active who put all their energy to do sports for getting better in the town of Margherita di Savoia (Italy). ASD Margherita Sport e Vita (MSV) has been appointed to carry out one of the most important missions of any modern city: to create conditions for the development of sports’ activity of the inhabitants of Margherita of Savoia and its surrounding territory. Puglia region’s chief town, it is located in Southern Italy, at 75 km from Bari. It is inhabited by 12,500 inhabitants and during the spring/summer season is a tourist destination for family, kids for the seaside, and thermals’ resort (one of the best in Italy), famous for being placed inside the largest salt basins in Europe. The same harvest salt is one of the main productive wealth of the territory, exported all over the world. We organize events bringing many fans of physical activity, especially in the growth of basketball culture between youth. Every year, we implement various projects for enjoying this sport, with thousands of young athletes from 5 to 18 years. We are equipped with outdoor/indoor urban infrastructures, thus creating aesthetic and functional spaces for sports. We also carry out international projects, which allows us to exchange experience with the major European countries. Constantly, we are popularizing sports in Margherita di Savoia, Italy, and around the world. Consequently, we develop the desire to make our wonderful city, famous not only for its natural beauties and modern thermal bathing facilities but also for its sports’ support.

MSV objectives

MSV contributes to the regional development and the widening of opportunities for the local community. In this frame, our sector of activity includes all aspects that are related to viable growth, the trans-regional collaboration, professional training, and social cohesion.

  • Contribution to the preparation of analyses and studies for training teachers and students through inter-school partnerships, probing activities and cooperation between trainers of the Italian Basketball Federation and basketball school teachers.
  • Introduction, planning, and management of new proposals that are subsidized by the EU or by other European and international organisms.
  • Realization of prevention and information programmes for the achievement of the welfare state, for the support and reconstruction of basic social institutions as family, the educational community, etc.
  • Development of studies, provision of educational support to vulnerable social groups, enterprises, educational, and administrative staff, aiming at the promotion of scientific sports knowledge, pedagogical and social research.
  • Development of methods to create the well-being of people with intellectual disabilities and functional recovery.
  • Organization of seminars and debates in the field of school, sport and youth nutrition.

MSV aims to explore the concept of diversity seen as a wealth, observing how our countries behave in topics such as discrimination, exclusion, and marginalization of different groups (including migrants and refugees). The idea is to promote social inclusion by limiting intolerance. It will be an excellent opportunity to share ideas, starting from what you see in your country, and comparing them with other participants. There will be opportunities to think and create Europe-wide projects together, building powerful communities: collaboration with international partners to boost the construction of powerful communities. We also aim to combat childhood obesity among the European countries with the highest prevalence, where the lack of policies on sport and inappropriate eating habits are affecting the physical and mental growth of kids, by helping thousands of children and their parents to deal a more balanced life. We also try to break down barriers around cognitive, functional, and intellectual disabilities, by doing sports practices more inclusive.

MSV activities and experience

MSV has been involved in 9 European projects during the last 3 years in the framework of sport preparatory actions (2009-2013) or Erasmus+ Sport calls for proposals (described in section D.2. Previous sports projects and Figure 2).

MSV has been also engaged in projects supporting social integration of all citizens (youth and senior) including marginalized, disadvantaged persons, people with disabilities, and immigrants. Through training, workshops, and seminars, the applicant organization has reached out to vulnerable social groups and communities, including school children and youth, activating them to take part in sports activities outdoor. MSV’s activities have helped to reduce the social inequalities and have supported the integration of all participants in social groups. MSV has linked schools with sports organization and has involved local decision makers, such as local departments of Municipalities and Regional Government Institutions in promoting and sustaining sports activities.

MSV has been involved in projects about the following topics:

  • Healthy Lifestyle Roadshow: helping people in the most disadvantaged and at-risk areas into the EU countries to find out if they are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular pathologies.
  • Mentoring Scheme: running a mentoring program, using world-class athletes to inspire and empower families to be fitter, healthier, and happier.
  • Scientific Objectives: we propose the creation of a specialized center of excellence in transdisciplinary, and science-oriented research & training to understand, prevent and control childhood obesity. The center will include epidemiological research, evaluation, and interventional studies.